Rely on our expertise to design
a vehicle that speaks of you

With more than 50 years’ experience, MAFE Trucks provides the very best in truck customization and has become the reference partner for clients looking for solutions that are absolutely original. Our trucks are unique, as they are individually designed to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals looks after the entire project, from initial design to after-sales service, providing a high level of expertise and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the whole process.

made to measure

Our trucks are unique as they are especially made to order, designed to provide an unrivalled combination of performance and comfort. Whether it’s for tourism, adventure or work, with groups of friends or teams of colleagues, our vehicles are perfect for expeditions that know no time or geographical limits and they will take you to places where no other vehicle can.

after-sales service

Our work and dedication do not end with the delivery of the finished vehicle. We are always at our clients’ disposal and we provide assistance to guarantee their vehicle’s performance. We implement all types of improvements and preparations before new journeys or expeditions, as well as offer complete consultancy on equipping vehicles based on specific travel requirements.